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    Welcome to our FAQ page, where we address your most pressing questions about our services. From the intricacies of our offerings to the benefits they bring, find comprehensive answers to help you make informed decisions with confidence. Discover insights, clarity, and solutions here.

    Basically it takes up to 5 days to have the company established in Dubai, suppose a visa is required, you will have to come to dubai and that process takes up to 2 weeks. This will involve 2 appointments, the remaining time is needed for the government to issue the documents

    While not always mandatory, a visa can provide you with legal residency and enhance your business prospects. We can guide you on the appropriate visa options based on your goals.

    An Emirates ID is a government-issued identification card, essential for residents in Dubai. It serves as an official form of identification and is required for various transactions and services.

    Setting up a company in a Dubai Freezone offers benefits like 100% foreign ownership, full repatriation of profits, no personal income or corporate taxes, and simplified import/export procedures. Additionally, Freezones provide a conducive environment for business growth and access to world-class infrastructure.

    Whether entry into Dubai is required depends on your business type and whether you've previously been in the UAE. If you're setting up a business in a free zone, there's no need for you to physically enter Dubai. We take care of the entire process on your behalf!

    When selecting a business activity, it's crucial to carefully consider the type of business you want to start and define your goals clearly. Think about your expertise, passion, and the market demand for the chosen activity. This will help ensure that your business aligns with your strengths and aspirations, increasing the chances of success. Additionally, assess the potential for growth, competition, and the resources required to establish and sustain the chosen activity effectively.

    Yes, in some cases you can engage in multiple business activities under a single license in Dubai. This flexibility allows you to diversify your business offerings without the need for separate licenses.

    Yes, in many cases, your family members can obtain dependent visas through your company setup. We can provide guidance on the necessary steps and requirements.

    Our business setup service streamlines the process through our extensive knowledge and experience. We handle paperwork, liaise with authorities, and expedite approvals, ensuring a swift setup without compromising accuracy or compliance.

    Once you set up the business with us we will continue to support you even after the full setup and keep you informed of all the updates, things that need to be taken care of and documents that need to be requested to make sure you stay on top of everything.

    No, Dubai residency is not always a prerequisite for company formation. We can guide you on the appropriate setup that aligns with your residency goals.

    While a local sponsor was historically required, Dubai's regulations have evolved. Mainland companies no longer require a local sponsor; instead, you can have full ownership. This change encourages international business ventures and allows you to have more control over your business.

    Post-setup obligations can vary based on your business type and the jurisdiction you've chosen. These may include periodic reporting, compliance with tax regulations, renewal of licenses, and adhering to local regulations. We guide you through these requirements to ensure ongoing compliance.