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    Company team showcasingDubai Freezone Company Registration

    Our Freezone Company Registration service is designed to support entrepreneurs in registering their business in Dubai’s Free Zones. With this service, we guide you step by step through the registration process, helping you obtain all necessary permits and documentation. By choosing a Freezone Company Registration, you will enjoy attractive benefits such as 100% ownership of your company, tax-free business and easy import and export opportunities. Our experienced team is ready to help you set up your business in one of Dubai’s thriving Free Zones, giving you the best possible start to your business adventure in the United Arab Emirates.

    What is a Freezone Company?

    A Dubai-based enterprise operating within the designated free zones of the city is referred to as a free zone company. These designated areas provide a multitude of advantages, including complete foreign ownership and exemption from taxes like corporate tax and income tax. To establish a free zone company, aspiring business owners need to submit an application to the relevant authority, acquire a business license, open a bank account, and fulfill other legal obligations.

    One of the primary benefits of establishing a free zone company in Dubai is gaining access to top-notch infrastructure and facilities that enhance business operations. Moreover, companies enjoy streamlined procedures for obtaining permits and licenses. Dubai offers various types of free zones tailored to specific sectors or industries such as healthcare or technology, enabling entrepreneurs to select the one that best aligns with their business objectives.


    A Freezone Company in Dubai is a business entity that operates within one of the designated free trade zones in the city. These zones are specially designated areas where companies can enjoy certain benefits, such as tax exemptions, 100% foreign ownership, and simplified company setup processes.

    The timeframe for setting up a Freezone Company in Dubai can vary depending on factors such as the type of business activity, the chosen free zone, and the completeness of the required documentation. With us, it will take on average 5 days.

    Some key benefits of establishing a Freezone Company in Dubai include: 100% foreign ownership: Unlike mainland companies, where local sponsors are required, freezone companies allow full foreign ownership. Tax advantages: Freezone companies typically enjoy exemption from corporate and personal taxes for a certain period. Easy company setup: The freezone authorities facilitate streamlined and efficient processes for company registration and licensing. Repatriation of capital and profits: Companies can freely repatriate their capital and profits outside of the UAE. State-of-the-art infrastructure: Free zones offer modern facilities and infrastructure tailored to various industries. Access to a large consumer market: Dubai’s strategic location provides businesses with access to a sizable local and regional market.

    While Freezone Companies offer numerous advantages, there are some restrictions to consider, such as: Limited operations within the free zone: Freezone Companies must primarily conduct their business activities within the designated free trade zone area or in a business centre. Limited access to the local market: Companies may face restrictions on selling products or services directly to the local market and may need to engage with local distributors or agents. Minimum capital requirements: Some free zones have specific minimum capital requirements that must be met during company formation. Custom duties on goods sold locally: If a Freezone Company wishes to sell goods within the local UAE market, they may be subject to custom duties and regulations.

    A Freezone Company is primarily registered and operates within the specific free trade zone it is established in. However, there may be provisions that allow Freezone Companies to operate outside the free zone under certain conditions. To expand operations beyond the free zone, additional requirements and approvals, such as obtaining a mainland license or partnering with a local company, may be necessary.

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